Tested and approved by RISE Swedish standard test CR072 certified

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Our flexible liners are the basis for a self-supporting piping system, that can handle both dimensional changes and 90° bends with an absolute minimum of wrinkles. Combined with our Houseliner Resin the new sewer pipes will get a predetermined wall thickness of your choice. The new pipes are high E-modulus and chemically resistant after curing. The characteristics are much like a new, conventionally made PP sewer pipe. Houseliner FL and FLT combined with Houseliner Resin are both tested for life expectancy at Eurofins. The test showed that you can expect more then 50% of the initial strength after 50 years of service.

RISE CR072 Certified
More then 50 years of service
ASTM Approved
Tested by Eurofins


Introducing the Houseliner App

Hello colleges and friends, Today we are happy to present the Houseliner App. The Houseliner app is a tool to help you get the right amount of epoxy for your installation, you also have

EXO700 World Premier!

Today we have the great pleasure of presenting the latest addition to Houseliner's product range. The first model in a completely redesigned, unique product line of inversion drums. We give

Houseliner is CR072 Certified!

SP’s certification unit RISE has, in collaboration with BRiF, the Relining in Real Estate industry association in Sweden, developed a new certification rule, CR072, for relining methods. The