Superior Relining – Guaranteed by CR 072 Certified Materials

When renovating the internal plumbing systems in buildings for both day and wastewater, it is of utmost importance to use materials of high quality and safety. A crucial step in ensuring this is to utilize materials that have been tested and certified according to RISE CR 072 standards.

Rigorous tests and requirements

There are several certifications for the renovation of wastewater and stormwater, known as relining. They are somewhat different in design depending on the requirements in each respective country. RISE CR 072 is tailored for the Swedish market and has higher requirements and more stringent tests than any other certifications. Certification is conducted by RISE through tests performed by them, including an aging test equivalent to 50 years. This is the same requirement that is also placed on a conventional drainage pipe to receive a P-mark, but higher demands are placed on a relined drainage pipe compared to a conventional one. In the CR 072 test, a rig is assembled with several pipe components such as bends, joints, branch pipes, and pipe dimension reductions that are relined for testing. The rig is used to test for tightness and thickness with a temperature cycling test. For conventional pipe components, there are no requirements to test them together in a rig; each pipe component is tested individually. Today, there are not many materials that have been approved according to the certification rule CR 072. Houseliner is one of the few materials on the market that meets the rigorous requirements. Houseliner has been approved in all combinations of epoxy and lining, which is completely unique in the market.

CR 072 is the industry standard

Nowadays, CR 072 is a quality mark, where the installer and property owner know that it is a material of the highest quality. It provides the installer and property owner with confidence that the material meets all the requirements for a sewer system that should function smoothly over the long term. When it comes to relining with liners, CR 072 has become a standard and a requirement already at the procurement stage. For property owners, it is a given to always choose an installer who uses CR 072 approved materials. In this way, they ensure that the renovation meets the highest industry standards.

Examples of tests and requirements included in RISE CR 072:

  • Temperature cycling test, tightness
  • Temperature cycling test, thickness
  • Ring stiffness
  • FTIR/TGA (Material identification)
  • Traceability
  • Bend test/tensile test
  • Material age resistance
  • Documentation